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Bursting the Most Common Dental Myths

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When it comes to dental health, there are a number of misconceptions. While you know that regular oral care is vital, you may not be aware of the best ways to care for your teeth. Additionally, you may not know the most effective diet and hygiene practices. Here we are bursting the most common dental myths to help you take care of your dental health in the best way possible.

  • My Oral Health and Physical Wellness are not related

All parts of your body are intimately connected. When you have an inflammation, infection or disease in one part, your overall physical health suffers. This is actually true when it comes to oral-systemic wellness. When bacteria harbor in your mouth, they can easily get transferred into your blood stream. Many studies show that this increases the risk for stoke, high BP and heart attack.

  • Only Sugary Foods Affect Your Teeth

Since childhood, you were told that too much sugar creates cavities. Nonetheless, there are other substances that can seriously damage your sparkling white teeth. Acidic foods and beverages, like white wine, soda and citrus drinks are main culprits. High pH levels are known to erode your enamel, making them more prone to cavities. Dark colored drinks and foods like tea, coffee, red wine, tomato sauce etc. can also cause dental stains.

  • If you brush twice a day, you don’t have to visit dentist in Sarnia

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of professional dental care. At home hygiene is surely important, but brushing only removes food particles and bacteria. It can’t actually eliminate plaque and tartar. The longer these things remain stuck to your teeth, the higher the chances for decay and periodontitis. Only Sarnia dentists can eliminate sticky plaque and hard tartar.

  • Brushing at night is not as important as brushing in the morning

Brushing teeth in the morning is one of the many things on people’s to-do-list before leaving for the work. But, brushing at night before going to bed is actually more important for healthy mouth. If you sleep without cleaning your teeth, starches and bacteria will remain in your mouth for eight hours and can cause serious damage during this time. However, this doesn’t mean that it is okay to skip brushing after getting out of bed.

  • Brush immediately after eating to ensure great results

One of the most widespread dental myths is that one should brush immediately after every meal. While it is important to brush after meals, it is also important to wait for almost thirty minutes before you do. Every time after finishing your meals, you must rinse your mouth with water to wash away the bits and remains of food.

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