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Common Signs You Must Take Your Child To The Dentist

dental clinic in Sarnia

Being a parent you are always concerned about the dental health of your child. But in order to ensure their dental health you must be aware of the early signs of dental infection. Also, it is important to know when you must take your child to the dentist. Pediatric dentistry is a specialized dentistry field that is dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teens. From the time children get their first set of teeth at the age of six months, they are susceptible to dental issues. With professional guidance of a dentist, you can fight your child’s dental issues. Let’s take a look at the warning signs which indicate that you need to take your little one to the Sarnia dental clinic.

  • Swollen Gums

If the child has bleeding or swollen gums then it could be due to gum disease. It is necessary to have healthy gums as they lead to healthy mouth. You should teach your child the important habits to maintain dental hygiene. Excessive plaque buildup in the mouth causes gum issues.

  • Early Tooth Loss

Kids lose teeth prematurely due to lack of jaw space, tooth decay or injury. This can lead to the adjacent teeth to take the space of the lost teeth. When the new permanent teeth emerge it gets difficult for them to develop due to lack of space. This results in teeth misalignment.

  • Lip Sucking

This is one more habit that children develop. This can happen in its own or along with tooth sucking. This leads to the same issues that occur due to habit of thumb sucking. Consulting the dentist can help your child get rid of it.

  • Thumb Sucking

As infants, many kids develop this habit of thumb sucking. But if they continue doing this even after the age of 5, when a child starts developing permanent teeth then it can be problematic. Thumb sucking leads to misalignment of teeth which furthers results in protruding teeth. This can also cause speech problems and formation of additional bite issues.

  • Toothache

A toothache is linked with a number of dental illnesses. But in the case of babies, baby bottle tooth decay also called as early childhood caries is a key reason for toothache. When kids are in constant contact with sugars from baby food, fruit juice and milk, the dental pain occurs.

As a loving parent, you should regularly take your child to a Dental Clinic in Sarnia.


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