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What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Dental Emergency

An injury to the teeth or gums can be a serious issue which should be addressed immediately. Ignoring dental emergencies or other dental problems could cause you permanent dental damage, several visits to Sarnia Dental clinic, and obviously, lots of money is spent on treatments. As dental troubles usually occur at the most awkward time, having knowledge of how to handle them on time can be helpful.

What Type of Injury is Considered as a Dental Emergency?

If you have met an accident and have had any type of head injury, it is best to consult at the nearest accident and emergency department. A road accident, falling from a bike, slipping from stairs or getting hurt while playing any sport can all cause an impact that breaks or loosens teeth. You may need immediate medical help to ensure that the accident has not caused any internal injuries in your head.

If there are no signs of a head injury, but if you experience one or more of the below mentioned issues, your dental emergency surely warrants a visit to an emergency dentist in Sarnia.

  • Knocked Out Tooth/Teeth

In such cases, speed is most important, especially if you want to save your avulsed tooth or teeth. If you don’t reach to the Sarnia emergency dental clinic within an hour of knocking down your tooth, you are less likely to save it.

  • Extruded Tooth

This is same kind of injury, generally caused by impact, but the tooth has not left its socket. It might have been moved slightly from its position or hanging in by thin threads of tissue. After placing the tooth back into the position if possible, you need to see an emergency dentist in Sarnia ASAP, particularly if there is bleeding in your mouth.

  • Broken Tooth

If you have damaged the end of the tooth, but there is no bleeding or severe paint, this is not really a dental emergency. It may be possible to wait until the next day to visit an emergency dental clinic in working hours. If the broken tooth has also been knocked out of place, and the broken edge is pointed, this is a dental emergency that needs to be addressed without any delay due to the risk of your tongue or lips getting hurt by the rough edge.

  • Damaged Painful Teeth

If you have met an accident and have had an impact on your mouth or jaw, and you are experiencing severe pain in your teeth, there may be serious damage even if no teeth are broken or missing. Visit Emergency Dental Clinic in Sarnia immediately.

There are some of the dental emergencies that need immediate attention and treatment. For Dental Emergencies in Sarnia, feel free to contact us.


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