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Dental Sedation: What to Expect

Dental Sedation: What to Expect

Many people share a fear of visiting the dentist. However unfounded this feeling may be, it’s understandable. While dental anxiety sufferers are not alone; caring clinics and dentists offer dental sedation as a relief for pain and worry.

* What is Dental Sedation? *

Dental sedation or sedation dentistry uses various approaches to help patients experience comfort and relaxation during a dental procedure. In most cases, the patient is fully conscious. General anaesthesia can be provided during oral surgery, like wisdom tooth extraction.



Sedation dentistry can come in various levels and methods including:


1. Inhaled Minimal Sedation – Popularly known as “laughing gas,” the inhaled minimal sedation method administers a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide to the patient through a mask. This is sometimes used with children who are receiving a tooth filling.

2. Oral Sedation – The dentist gives the patient a small pill to be taken orally an hour before the procedure to make the patient drowsy, but stay awake.

3. IV Moderate Sedation – The dentist introduces the sedative through the veins, making the patient feel drowsy or fall into a light sleep.

4. Deep Sedation – The difference between moderate and deep sedation is the strength of the medication, causing the patient to be almost completely unconscious. Deep sedation patients are not likely to recall much of the procedure.

5. General Anaesthesia – The sedative administered via IV is strong enough to render the patient completely unconscious until the anaesthesia wears off.


Dental Sedation: What to Expect


All forms of sedation require patients to arrange for someone to drive/escort them home after a procedure. They shouldn’t operate a vehicle.


  • Practical Applications for Sedation Dentistry

  • Dental Fillings
  • Root Canal
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Bonding
  • Veneers
  • Periodontics


Dental Sedation: What to Expect


  • When is Dental Sedation Recommended?


Dental sedation is great for people with anxiety that prevents them seeing the dentist. It is also a great solution for people with:


  • Highly sensitive teeth
  • Low pain tolerance
  • A bad gag reflex
  • A need for major dental work



  • Do You Need Dental Sedation?


This type of dental service is safe when administered by a licensed and experienced dentist. Talk to your dentist about your anxiety and/or concerns before an appointment for oral surgery or other work. This will help him/her advise the type of dental sedation that is ideal for you.

Dental sedation is a powerful way to conquer anxiety and pain during a trip to the dentist.

Call Clearwater Family Dental at (519) 332-3000 to talk to to a trusted dentist in Sarnia about dental sedation. We’ll schedule a consultation and let you know your options. Our entire team wants you to be as comfortable as possible.


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