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Dental Warning Signs You Should not Ignore

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Ensuring the perfect health of both your gums and teeth is very important. It can be convenient to believe that your teeth are in a perfect state because you brush twice daily. Also, it is not very uncommon for people to misunderstand what are actually warning signs to be harmless everyday occurrences. Here we are listing a few of the warning signs, along with some tips on how both prevent and fix the issues.

Painful Gums and Sensitive Teeth

Many people experience severe pain on eating or drinking some hot or cold and they feel that they have always had this issue. Many people believe this to be a genuine reason to ignore the symptoms and neglect it as nothing more than a daily inconvenience. However, sensitive teeth are usually caused by periodontal disease, which has deteriorated their gums and impacted upon the nerve structures. Most of the people are clueless about any issues until costly damage has occurred and more than half of adults over 55 have had at least a mild problem.

You should discuss your sensitive teeth problem with your dentist Sarnia. They can provide apt recommendations, as they are the experts. Also, make sure to brush, floss and rinse your mouth twice daily and visit your dentist every six months.


Usually characterized as sharp and sudden pain in several parts of the mouth, twinges are generally avoided as bumps or knocks to the gum when brushing or the effect of an especially hard piece of steak. However, they are usually a sign of a dental problem. It could be due to bacteria build up in the inner tooth, cracks in old fillings or decay to gums.

Thus, Twinges should not be ignored. They can be easily fixed by seeking the help of Sarnia family dentistry. Dr. Rondinelli in Sarnia performs a number of diagnostic checks to determine the problem before planning an apt course of treatment to repair any damage. To prevent them from occurring, you should follow a dental regime of brushing, rinsing and flossing twice a day, religiously. Also, make regular appointments with your dentist, preferably twice a year.

If you have any issues related to sensitive teeth or twinges or experience any other teeth problem, feel free to contact us. We are a reputed Family Dentistry in Sarnia.


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