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Food to Avoid for Better Teeth

eating sweets

The foods and beverages you consume not only affect physical health; they also influence dental wellness. Some foods can have a detrimental effect on the appearance of your teeth, while others might improve your smile.



  • Ice
    Chewing on hard substances can severely damage tooth enamel. Biting on ice can make you more prone to broken, chipped, or cracked teeth.
  • Citrus Fruits
    Citrus fruits like lemons, grapefruits, and oranges are chock full of vitamin C, but the acid they contain can erode enamel. This makes your teeth more vulnerable to decay.
  • Carbonated Drinks
    Due to the extreme sugar content found in sodas, cavity development is a concern — in addition to obesity and diabetes. The acids present in them are more harmful than the sugar, and can cause tooth erosion and decay.
  • Red Wine

    a mom drinking wine

    Red wine contains chromogens that produce pigments which may discolour teeth. The tannin found in red wine can also make teeth dry and your mouth sticky, which might worsen the stain.

  • Coffee
    Coffee stains on your teeth are difficult to remove. Heavy coffee stains can sometimes trap food particles and bacteria in and on teeth.
  • Tea
    Tea is considered a gentler alternative to coffee, but depending on your consumption level, its effects may be just as serious. Some black teas can leave more serious stains because of high tannin content. While herbal tea, green tea, and white tea have less tannin, they can contribute to the degradation of enamel.

    • Dairy
      Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium, an essential mineral for healthy and strong teeth. It is also an important ingredient in hydroxyapatite, which strengthens enamel. Cheese and other dairy products contain casein which is also a key player in the stabilization and repair of enamel.
    • Water

      a girl drinking juice

      Water washes acid and sugars from your teeth. It also contains fluoride, which protects teeth against erosion.

    • Green, leafy vegetables

      eating salad

      Food with high fibre content is especially good for your teeth when you chew more. This action creates more saliva to wash potentially damaging elements from your mouth.

      To keep teeth in the best shape possible, take care of them while maintaining a good diet. You can do this with regular brushing and flossing and visiting your dentist at least once every six months.

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