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Taking Care of Your Little One and His Teeth

Pediatric Dentistry Sarnia

You want the best for your child. As parent you want to ensure, nothing ever disturbs them, not even minor dental issue. To protect your baby from unwanted dental issues, it is recommended to star at an early age. When, even before teeth emerge? The gums of little ones are very delicate, while you wait for the first teeth to emerge, you can also care for their gums carefully. Taking right measures on time, assures you of a great dental health for your child.

Primary Tactics

  • Generally, a baby indicates development of a tooth when he is around 6 months young. And the maximum number of milk teeth will emerge by the age of 2 and 3. Choose only delicate things to deal with the developing oral health of your child.
  • Particularly in case of little ones, they are fully dependent on your selection. If you are choosing a brushing for him/her, then ensure the bristles are soft and will provide gentle clean. You can also use muslin cloths.
  • Avoid using toothpaste for initial 2 years, as making your baby acquainted with the trick of spitting won’t be easy. Take a soft cloth, make it wet and gently rub it inside the mouth in circular motions.
  • Toothpastes become necessary when your baby gets introduced to the mouthwatering world of candies. Flavored milk, fruit juices, chocolates etc. along with bacteria inside the mouth, deteriorate the tooth enamel and cause mineral loss.
  • When confused to choose toothpaste for your baby, consult a Pediatric Dentist in Sarnia. Choosing toothpaste with the correct amount of fluoride is essential for infants.

Some common dental problems of babies

  • Thumb-Sucking: This is a very natural habit in kids. According to child experts, it is a way of babies to soothe themselves. But, while it is considered to be a temporary habit, sometimes it tends to be a hassle in correct growth of your kid’s set of teeth. The force created while a thumb is being sucked, is enough to gradually push a tooth out of its correct position. Such poor alignment of teeth can lead to issues like speech problems and improper bite. Learn about techniques to make your child get over this habit.
  • Teething: A tooth peeping from the mouth excites you and says that your kid is growing up. But while this lifts your emotions, teething is not really a joyful experience for your kid. Teething is painful and irritates your child. There are several dental care products available in the market for the children, like teething toys to divert their mind; else you can also rely on traditional method of wet muslin cloth. Also, you can use clean finger to gently rub on painful areas or gums.

With preventative dental care you can make your child learn about the importance of maintaining a great oral health. Visiting Pediatric Dentistry Sarnia periodically protects your kids from any dental issues likely to happen and prevents the anxiety they have for dentists and their tools.


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