Many people tend to overlook the health of their teeth until it is time for their annual dental check-up or unless they are experiencing an issue like pain. While getting a routine dental check-up is always recommended, there are some beneficial habits are worth implementing into your routine to ensure a comfortable and pain-free future when it comes to your teeth. Having healthy teeth can go much further than just being able to flash a great smile. Here are some tips you can employ to help you keep track of the health of your teeth right at home.

Look closely at your gums and tongue

Having healthy gums is a good indication that your teeth and mouth are also healthy. Take a look at your gums every once in a while to make sure that they are a pink colour. When you are checking, glide a finger over your gums, they should be firm, and you should feel no pain. Having red, white or swollen gums can be warning signs. Your tongue should also be pink and firm. Each time you brush your teeth, brush your gums and tongue and remove plaque that appears as a white film on your tongue.

Brush and floss mindfully

Another easy way to monitor your oral health is to pay attention to the way it feels when you brush and floss. If you notice any bleeding, even only a small amount, this is not a great sign, and it should be brought up at your next dental appointment. And, if you feel as if you need to floss more often as food particles get stuck in your teeth more often, this could be a sign that you are developing a cavity between your teeth. In many cases, you will not be able to detect the cavity in the early stages visibly, but your dentist will be able to check for you during your next appointment. Visiting your dentist is essential if you wish to be proactive about your oral health and prevent future health concerns that will become more costly and painful if neglected.

Keep track of how your breath smells

We all know how much foods like garlic can linger on our breath after we enjoy lunch. However, a healthy mouth should otherwise have a relatively neutral scent. Having chronic bad breath can be a sign that you have some other issues affecting your tooth health. 

Sensitivity can be a bad sign

Cold or hot drinks might give most individuals a temporary or slight sensitivity; however, if you have prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold foods, this could signify that you have a cavity. This sensitivity can also indicate an uneven bite, which causes certain teeth to get worn down faster than others. Make sure that you note these things and let your dentist know when you see them. 

Observe your tooth colour

Check your teeth colour over time, and note any changes. Getting white patches is usually s a sign of a cavity, tooth decay, or weakened enamel. Most people are aware that having yellow or orange stains on their teeth are unhealthy, and brushing daily combined with flossing will help you maintain their natural, vibrant white colouring.

Turning a Dental Visit into a Dental Experience

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